Cooperative & NSC Details

About Cooperative Preschool

For children, “co-op” is a safe and nurturing place in which to explore and have fun. Social, emotional and intellectual skills are learned through cooperative and creative play. For parents, it’s a place to improve parenting skills, help shape their child’s first school environment, and form lasting friendships. For kids and parents alike, co-op builds self-confidence and competence. But most of all, co-op is fun!


The Teacher

Our cooperative teacher designs the curriculum, using cooperative and creative play to enhance social, emotional and intellectual development. Each day our teacher arrives early to set up the class room and prepare for the school day. While children play the teacher interacts with the kids and helps directs parents in their role as assistants in the classroom. At the end of the school day the teacher leads the Circle Time where parents and children sing songs, listen to stories and enjoy the last moments of preschool together.


The Parent

Being a part of a cooperative school requires a time & commitment from each family. In return, families reap the rewards of a high-quality preschool, lower tuition rates, parenting support and lasting friendships. Co-Op parents are asked to:
  • Work in the classroom one morning each week
  • Perform a job such as organizing book orders or preparing the class newsletter
  • Provide a snack on a rotating basis
  • Participate in fundraising
  • Help cleaning the classroom
  • Pay tuition and fees


Parent Education & North Seattle College

Co-Op parents are automatically enrolled as students in NSC Parent Education Program and receive three college credits each quarter. The parent educator attends preschool every week and leads a monthly evening education session addressing relevant family and school topics. In the Toddler classes, parent educators also lead weekly discussion groups during classroom time. Half of the Toddler parents attend parent education each week.

“The mission of the NSC Parent Education program is to promote the development of knowledge and skills for strong and healthy families.”

Parents are involved in their child’s early education experience by participating once a week in the parent-operated cooperative preschool where their child is enrolled and at a monthly evening parent-only meeting & class taught by the parent educator — an NSC faculty member. The instructor also advises and supports the parents as they practice the skills they are learning while being assistant teachers in their child’s preschool. Please visit the NSCC website for more information on all our cooperative preschools: