I used to love seeing the snow start to fall and I’d cross my fingers we would have a snow day.  If the snow started in the evening hours we would  wake up the boys and stuff them in their snow gear (jammies still on!) and go play in the snow.  Our whole neighborhood would be outside playing in the snow as we all knew there was no guarantee the snow would still be around in the morning.  If we were lucky enough to have snow in the morning, and Seattle Schools cancelled for a snow day, we would have a family fun day because Curt would have the day off as well as the boys.  We would start the day with a pancake breakfast then head outside for some snow fun.  Our neighborhood would have a sledding party on the little hill at the end of the street or meet up at the community center.  It was fun to see the neighborhood kids wearing the snow gear that was passed down from family to family.  We were so lucky to have a tight knit neighborhood — family friends for a lifetime.  After the sledding it was time to make our snowman. One of my favorite things to do when it snows is to make a snowman — yes, mine were usually  snowmen as I would be building them with two boys who wanted a ‘snowman’.  We have also made snowdogs, snow iguanas and snowdinosaurs…depending on the amount of snow we had in the yard.Now I am usually alone on snow days. I enjoy walking the neighborhood and seeing all the snow creations that have been made by the families in the area.  I remember the days when we would be the ones making creations in the snow. Curt doesn’t get snow days any more – he is off by 4am to make sure those college students don’t get hurt on the slick sidewalks – haha.  Joel will call me and tell me it is snowing at his house and send video of Ansel on the same sled Joel used as a child.  After 8 winters in Wisconsin Nick is not as excited to see the snow as he used to be but he is still happy to play in it when he is home.  Two years ago it snowed on Christmas Eve.  It was magical.  Nick and Greta were here for the holidays.  We walked around Olympic Manor as it snowed and looked at the lights.  Then in the morning we built the biggest snowperson ever — and yes this one was a snowperson because Greta was here to be sure she was a she!  Ansel was duly impressed by our creation.    We watched as our snowperson leaned over – further and further – until there was just a round pile of snow in the yard with two sticks laying nearby.  It was fun to see how long our snowball stayed in the yard after Nick and Greta went back to Wisconsin.Such fun memories of time laughing and working together as we would build our snow creations.  Now it’s just me and Curt building the snow people in the yard but Curt is always game to build one with me even if it is after he comes home and its dark outside.  We have built more than one snowman in the dark using flashlights.  I will take a picture of it and send it to Joel and Nick.  This week while we are doing our Snowman/Snowperson activities I will be thinking of all the fun our family had in the snow.  I hope this winter you have a chance to play in the snow and start a tradition that will stay with you when your children are grown — and continuing the tradition with their child.  It is so much fun to have these memories. I enjoy watching Joel and Danielle make memories with Ansel and Zoe as they continue family traditions from their own childhood and as they build new traditions together.  Enjoy ‘playing’ in the snow this week.