When my sons were little I had a home daycare.  Every morning at 6am little boys would arrive at my house.  I had 8 little boys joining me for the day.  One of our favorite activities was to visit construction sites.  We would load up in the Bronco (back in the day when you could fit 8 car seats in a Bronco – 3 in the front and 5 in the back) to go in search of construction sites.  One of our favorites was a deep hole where they were putting up an apartment building (pre-Condo-Ballard!). I would pack their lunches and we would spend the day watching bulldozers, excavators and dump trucks.
Danielle called me the other day and we headed to the construction site near the floating bridge.  So much fun!  Cranes, dump trucks, excavators, welders and a construction worker smacking the hitch on her truck with a huge mallot — definitely a favorite!  There was a pick up truck with a three ball hitch that fascinated both Zoe and Ansel.  After the visit to the construction site we went to the Arboretum and waded through the largest / deepest puddle of the season.  What a perfect day!
This week we will be experimenting with ramps, movement and shapes.  I am looking forward to watching the children as they build, create and explore the world of construction.