This week we are focussing on our community and the people who work in our community.It is a time when you can point out different businesses and who works there on your walks around the neighborhood.  How do we get those yummy meringue cookies at the bakery?  Who brings the milk to the store or your front porch?  What is your favorite construction vehicle?
Ansel and Zoe have a special relationship with Sedgewick, their mail carrier.  They watch for him and wave to him from inside the house.  They leave notes for him in their little mailbox in the yard.  They also watch for the garbage and recycle vehicles. They leave thank you notes taped to the bins for the garbage / recycle and clean green workers.  Danielle has worked hard to create relationships with the community workers that come by their house each week.  It is so important to find ways to connect safely with the people in our neighborhoods right now.  We may have to be more creative but we can do it.  Think of ways you can connect your child with the community workers in the neighborhood and city.
Next week we will be talking about some Little People that live in the gardens — Leprechauns!  I love leprechauns!  When Joel and Nick were little we had so much fun pretending to have leprechaun visits.  They built homes for them and left them treats.  In return the leprechauns would leave them shiny rocks.  The leprechauns would make all sorts of mischief on St Patrick’s Day!  I will send out a note with ideas for creating your own Leprechaun Village. We will continue the imaginary fun into the next week.
Happy pre-Green Week!