The leaves are falling from the trees and the spiders are everywhere!  It is foggy in the morning and cool and crisp in the evening.  I love going on walks and hikes during the fall.  There is so much to see and hear — one of my favorite things to do during this time of year is a ‘leaf crunch’ walk!
Trees are such a part of our lives.  I always was a tree climber as a kid.  NO tree was too tall for me to try to climb.  We had a beautiful tulip tree in our yard for our sons to climb.  It was the perfect size with easy to reach branches and nice cozy places to sit.  They loved that tree.  We would sit under it in the shade of it’s branches during the summer and read books on a blanket.  In the fall we would rake up the leaves and jump in them.  In the spring they would collect the seed pods and make potions with them.  In the winter the snow was lovely on the bare branches.  The tree is a part of Joel and Nick’s childhood memories.Even as high schoolers I could find them sitting in the tree reading a book.  Such wonderful memories of that tree.  When it got a disease and to be taken down we saved pieces of it for all of us to remember it by.
Is there a tree that is a part of your life?  We have a maple tree growing in the yard that is the exact same age as Ansel.  Danielle gave me the seed pod so we could watch it grow at preschool.  What we didn’t know was Ansel was growing as well!  Danaielle has a sequoia tree growing for Zoe.  Two big trees that will be the same age as they are but definitely different in size!
For Tree Week we will be looking at trees.  It is fun to have your child find a tree and watch it through the seasons.  One in your yard or at the park that they can claim as ‘their tree’.
We will make our Keepsake leaf handprint this week.  As well as a stand up apple tree.  This is the perfect time to find a tree when you are on your nature walk.  We will need a lot of natural materials for our projects this week.  Leaves, pine cones, bark, pine needles, maple tree ‘helicopter’ seeds and more!  Take some time to explore in your yard, the neighborhood and an outdoor hike.
I think it will be fun for all the classes to make the Pumpkin Banana Smoothie.  So if you would like to have the ingredients handy we can make them on Wednesday and Thursday for the older kids and in class with the toddlers on Friday.
See you in class!~Teacher Janice