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Janice’s Note

December 14, 2020  

Image: Night sky borrowed from

This is a fun time of year to share the wonder of lights with your child.  There are so many lights this year – both in the sky and in the neighborhoods!  

Lots of homes have put up inflatables, lights and ornate decorations.  Our neighbors have gone all out and I will admit we added more lights this year as well.  

Nature is also putting on quite a show this year.  We have had a lot of conversations with Nick about what is happening in the sky.  Not only is this an event that fascinates him but it happens on his birthday!  So we are all excited to join in the sky gazing with him.

With it getting dark so early you will have time to go outside and look at stars, planets and the moon before bedtime.  It is one of the perks of it getting dark before supper time.  Zoe is so excited to see the moon in the evening and is always looking for it in the sky.

Children love flashlights.  At preschool we would have been going on flashlight explores in the climbing room.  I hang shiny stars on the wall and turn off the lights so they can find the stars with their flashlights.  You can go on an “Eye Spy” walk with your child both inside and outside.  Inside make a list of things to find with their flashlight.  Turn off the lights and hunt for things you have added to the room (like shiny stars and the moon) or items they already know are there (the lamp, their bed, stuffed animals, etc). Outside they can shine their flashlights on a tall tree, a fence, the grass, your car, a big rock, etc.  This is a fun time to talk about light and how it illuminates – make (something) visible or bright by shining light on it; light up.

They can take their lanterns and go on a walk and illuminate the path they take on that walk.  I love taking walks in the woods using flashlights.  The trees are so awesome when you shine your light on the branches and light them up.  Gazing through those same branches and getting glimpses of the stars in the sky is one of my favorite winter walk activities.

Have fun exploring your neighborhood using flashlights and lanterns!

~Teacher Janice