We will continue our train week and add other forms of transportation.  Bear will be back from his trio to California. He will show the children the wings he received from the pilot. We will talk about the vehicles, trains and forms of transportation that Bear was on while in California.

Children love trains, cars, trucks, airplanes, tractors and most anything the “goes”.  Wheels are a part of these forms of transportation. We will be exploring the motion and function of wheels this week at school.

Literacy: (Circle Time and at home) We will discuss things that have wheels.  At home you can make a list of objects that have wheels. Have your child illustrate the objects or search for drawings or photographs of objects with wheels in magazines. 

Math (Blocks area and at home): Walk around the neighborhood or your home and count the number of wheels you see.  At school we will look at the vehicle wheels and have the children sort them by size. We will discuss where we see them in our community

Art (Creative): We will paint with paint rollers. The children will see that the rollers operate like wheels. 

Dramatic Play (Imagination): We will have several large cardboard boxes for children to use as cars, buses, or trains. 

Playdough Table (Fine Motor): Have the children play with clay using rolling cutters and rolling pins. Help the children understand how the cutters and rolling pins resemble wheels. 

Physical Health and Development (Circle Time): We will discuss how to be safe around vehicles with wheels.