In the next few weeks we will be learning about caterpillars, butterflies and bees.  Being outside is a great place for discovery. Soon the baby spiders will be hatching from their egg sacks.  We can hear the birds in the trees and can watch them as they are building nests. In a month we will hear the baby birds as the mama birds bring them food to eat.  Children are intrigued with the worms and potato bugs/roly-poly bugs that they find under the rocks, pieces of wood and in the garden dirt.  The snails are small right now but soon we will see snails and slugs in the garden, under leaves on the plants and strolling across the sidewalks. The caterpillars we find are usually not the cool butterfly ones but the kids will be fascinated with them even if they will not turn into butterfly.  We will be reading the Hungry Caterpillar and discussing how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.  The rhymes and stories will say “cocoon” but it is actually a “chrysalis”.   

If you want to know more:

Fuzzy Caterpillar

A fuzzy little caterpillar made a cocoon one day

Turned into a butterfly and flew away


Big bugs, small bugs, big bugs, small bugs,
See them crawl on the wall?
Creepy, creepy, crawling, never, never falling.
Bug, bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs,

Bug in a Rug
Bug in a rug, Bug in a rug.
Which little bug is hiding under the rug?