This week we continue talking about flowers, gardens and bugs as we focus on bees.  We will talk about where animals live – the bird lives in a nest, the bunny in a hole, the bee lives in a hive and we live in a house.  We will also be talking about colors when we read our story, The Bee, at circle time. This story gives the children the opportunity to guess what comes next.  This is one of the pre-reading skills we have been working on.  To be able to guess what comes next the children need to be engaged in the story, able to stay focused and to follow a story line.

We will be “playing” with words and rhymes.   The Bug in the Rug and Mouse in the House rhymes are fun word games to play with the children.  They learn a rhyme, guess an answer and get excited when they are correct when figuring out what bug is hiding under the rug and what house is little mouse in.  We have already introduced the older children to Bug in the Rug and now we will also hide a mouse in a house.  This game is similar to the bugs with colored houses that hide a colored mouse.  This is also a pre-reading skill to learn rhymes – to hear the sounds of words.  They are developing listening skills as they hear how words sound the same and how they are different.  Children enjoy rhymes and the humor that comes with some of these rhyme

The five early literacy practices: sing, play, talk, read, write!fiveearlyliteracypractices/cnet

As we sing songs, learn rhymes and read stories we are working on early literacy skills.  They are building their vocabulary as they learn the words in the songs and poems.  Reading the books during Circle Time and in the Library encourages them to love to read and to have print awareness – seeing the written words that are spoken to them as you read the story.  As we re-read stories or do the song/rhyme/flannel story for yet another time it is to encourage your child to hear the words/sounds and be able to re-tell the story/thought/word sequence.  They need to practice this skill and repetition of the songs and stories is a way they can practice this skill.  Singing songs is a way for the children to hear the syllables in the words, hear words that rhyme, recite the words back to you.  These songs and stories are the beginning introductions to the written word which is the start of the development of their early reading skills.

Bug in Rug

Bug in a rug
Bug in a rug
Which one of you bugs
Is snug in my rug?

Insects All Around

Ladybugs and butterflies

Buzzing bees up in the sky

Teeny tiny little ants

Crawling up and down the plants

Many insects can be found

In the sky and on the ground