As we enter our third day of Snow Days it may be harder to find enough snow to play in outside  so bring some inside!  Get a large pan, cookie sheet with sides or a plastic storage box – the under-the-bed sweater boxes are the best.  Put the container on the floor with a garbage liner and towel to protect your floor or on the kitchen table.
Here re three ideas for inside snow activities.  Kev had River paint with paint brushes and set up a science activity to watch how long it took for the snow to melt.Danielle had Ansel use a squeeze bottle to change the snow to green.  If you have pictures of your child painting the snow please send them to me and we will add them to our snow wall.

Paint the snow….
Use paint brushes, eye droppers or squeeze bottles to paint the snow with food coloring or liquid paint.  If you do not have any of those tools you can just use spoons to drop the paint onto the snow.  It is fun to mix the colors and watch them blend.


Next idea …..

Play with dinosaurs or animals in the snow.


Build a construction site in the snow …


Snow is a great sensory activity for your child.  Talk about how it feels, how it changes (melts, molds/forms shapes, crystalizes).  You can watch as it changes back into water and discuss why it does that.  And, of course, talk about the weather – cold and sunny, wet and cloudy, snowy and windy)
Have fun exploring the snow with your child.

Hope to see you soon!

Teacher Janice