This week we will continue singing about stars and light.  We will add conversation about the moon.  You can go to this website to see information about the moon, the sun and the planets.


We will have a full moon on Saturday.  It is called a Cold Moon.

  1. Traditional Full Moon Names
  2. Wolf Moon – January
  3. Snow Moon – February
  4. Worm Moon – March
  5. Pink Moon – April
  6. Flower Moon – May
  7. Strawberry Moon – June
  8. Buck Moon – July
  9. Sturgeon Moon – August
  10. Harvest Moon – September or October
  11. Full Corn Moon (Harvest) – September
  12. Hunter’s Moon (Harvest) – October
  13. Beaver Moon – November
  14. Cold Moon – December


If the skies clear up the children should be able to see the full moon and Venus.

Cold Moon 2018

Dec 22, 2018 at 9:48 am



Mr. Moon

Mr. Moon, Mr. Moon

You’re out too soon

The sun is still in the sky

Go back to your bed

And cover up your head

And wait for the day to go by