Garden Week 2018

This second week in May will be our Garden/Flower week and we will continue this theme into the following week. The children will be making Mother’s Day cards this week and we will be planting flowers next week.

Children need to connect with nature. A growing body of evidence indicates that contact with nature is as important to children as good nutrition and adequate sleep. I, Teacher Janice, agree with this statement by Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods. It is so important for the children to be outside, in a safe environment, where they can explore the world around them.  

Gardening and nature based play go hand in hand. While gardening with children we are promoting play that is:
Learner centered – it is set around and for the learner.
Hands on – promotes sensory based play.
Inclusive – connect children of all cultures, ages, skills and abilities.
Social – promotes interaction and communication between children and adults.
Emotionally safe – builds self-esteem and pride.
Physical development – fine and large motor skills are used. 
Integrative – blends math, science, language, reading, 5 senses, and creativity.
Artistic and Creative – allows opportunities to create artistic pieces, as well as, and enjoy colors, shapes, smell and nature.

Gardening gives opportunities to develop empathy, curiosity, and responsibility, as the children become aware of the physical world outside while they care for the plants and animals living in our world.

Garden Week


Little Seed
Dig a little hole
Plant a little seed  
Pour a little water
Pull a little weed
Up Up Up 
Green stems grow
Open wide
It’s blossom time.

Here is a Blossom
Here is a leaf
And here is a leaf
And that you see makes two
Here is a blossom
That will bloom
Just for you!

I like dirt
I like dirt, I like dirt
It won’t hurt
On my shirt
I like to spray it with the hose
I like to squish it with my toes
The fun I have just grows and grows
Cuz I like dirt!