MESS: My Body

September 18 – September 22

What is the focus this week?

We will be introducing the children to the human body and the five senses.  We will be exploring the major body parts and what they do. Children also will use their senses of sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing to learn about the world.

What science concepts are covered?

Humans are living things that need food, air, shelter, and water to survive and can move, grow, and reproduce.

Human bodies have many different parts, each with special functions. We learn by using our senses.

We use tools to collect data and extend our senses.

We will trace each child’s body and have them draw their faces, add hair and clothing.  We will label their body parts.

We will make popcorn: listen to the sounds it makes, watch it as it changes from kernels to popcorn, smell it as it heats up, touch it and taste it!

We will be exploring our world with magnifying glasses.  They will have a chance to ‘see’ their body and the world through the magnifying glasses.

We will read a book –  Look, Look, Look that explores the same object in three different views.