New 3s class for 2017!

We are excited to announce that we are adding a nature-based, afternoon class for 3-year-olds next year! Children should be 3 years old as of September 1st.

Class will meet Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 11:15 am – 1:45 pm.

We will be hosting an Open House on January 31st, 7-9pm. Come talk to us!

Crown Hill Explorers Afternoon 3s Class starting the Fall of 2017-18

The Crown Hill Explorers Preschool will add a 3’s program to accommodate the families who prefer an afternoon outdoor program. Based on feedback from the families we expect a fully enrolled class.   These families would then continue in the cooperative program for the 4-5’s afternoon class offered at Crown Hill 3-5’s.  With two pre3 classes filling just one 3-5’s morning class the Crown Hill Explorers have more students than can be enrolled in the 3-5’s class.  The students who enroll in the afternoon Explorers class would then fill the existing openings in the 4-5’s afternoon class. 

Students will participate in an outdoor based preschool that connects our Nature Explore certification with the NSC cooperative preschool model.

This class will be an outdoor based 3’s class that meets 3 days a week for 2 ½ hours.  Students will have lunch at school and will follow the same schedule as currently established at this site: 

  • Large Motor/Outdoor play
  • Lunch
  • Free Play
  • Circle Time

The stations outside include:

  • Block table
  • Gathering area for quiet times
  • Art area – table and easel activities
  • Big Digging with real tools and wheelbarrow
  • Sandbox and gravel area for vehicles, digging, exploration play
  • Greenhouse for science, playdough, fine motor activities
  • Garden and bird stations – National Wildlife Federation Certified
  • Music and dance
  • Dramatics with housekeeping and baby dolls
  • Library
  • Car/vehicle table
  • Large motor activities – balls, pushing and riding toys, lawn mowers

The outside areas reflect the inside play areas of:

  • Blocks
  • Small Group
  • Climbing
  • Sensory
  • Dramatics
  • Library
  • Fine Motor
  • Science
  • Playdough

The curriculum will be STEM-based with an outdoor/nature focus.  Students will be outside for a minimum of 45 minutes every day no matter what the weather as long as the play area is safe (ie: not frozen or icy) and return to the outside stations as weather permits.  Parents will be assigned to the stations that correspond with the inside stations at this site.  With research showing the need for more outside time and the benefits of educational experiences in a natural setting we propose to enrich our preschool learning environment with a nature based/outdoor curriculum.

Please contact our All-Site Parent Coordinator for more information!

We will be hosting an Open House on January 31st, 7-9pm.

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