Mitten Week

January 16th – January 20th

I hope you have enjoyed your weekend.  We are watching the geese as they sit on the lake – which is frozen solid.  Interesting watching them land on the ice and walk around where they usually swim.  If you have time — I received pictures from my friend as she stood on the ice at Green Lake.  This is definitely not our typical January weather.
We will be talking about ice, cold, snow, mittens, textures and colors at school this week.  The weather is suppose to become a little more “Seattle” this week so our playground may thaw out and we can play outside again.

Thumbs in the thumb place…  We have had a lot of time to wear our mittens this year!  We will continue to sing about mittens, snowmen and cold weather.   We will continue talking about colors with our mitten story.  The children will be talking about textures in the art room, there will be an assortment of warm clothing in the dramatics area and we will have books about weather in the library. 

We will be dressing Bear and adding the choice of mittens or gloves for Bear. This will be a good week to add to your child’s vocabulary: words that describe the weather, colors, temperature and textures. Our children have lots of words for wet and rain but not as many about cold weather so this year has been a great January for using those mittens while learning about ice, frost and snow!

Songs and Stories

Mittens on My Hands

(Sung To: ‘Wheels on the Bus’)
The mittens on my hands
Keep me warm
Keep me warm
Keep me warm
The mittens on my hands
Keep me warm
All Winter long!
The socks I wear will…
The boots on my feet…
The hat on my head…
The scarf around my neck…
The coat I wear will…

Mitten Song

Thumb in the thumb place <Give a Thumbs Up with both hands>
Fingers all together <Hold fingers together like in mittens with thumbs out>
These are the things we wear in mitten weather <Move mittens back and forth>
When it’s cold, it doesn’t matter whether, <Shrug shoulders>
Mittens are wool or made of finest leather.
Thumb in the thumb place, fingers all together.

Mittens for Snow Time

Mittens, mittens for the snow time, when the world is white.
Mittens for my two hands, <hold up hands>
Mittens left and right <show left & right>
Mittens with a thumb place <show thumb>
Mittens warm and snug
Mittens make me feel like giving a hug <hug self>

Mitten Story

My poor little kitten lost her mitten and started to cry, “boohoo”,
So I helped my kitten to look for her mitten, her beautiful mitten of blue.
I found a mitten just right for a kitten, under my mother’s bed.
But alas the mitten was not the right mitten, for it was colored red.
I found a mitten just right for a kitten
…under my father’s pillow … yellow.
…on the hand of my brother’s clown … brown.
…under the laundry so clean … green.
…inside a grocery sack .. black.
…under the kitchen sink … pink.
I found a mitten just right for a kitten inside my favorite shoe,
And this time the mitten WAS the right mitten, for it was colored blue!