ME Week


September 19 – 23

Each week I will send you a letter that tells you what our theme for the week is and what we will be doing in class/the various stations.  It will have information on what the children are learning during Free Play and will include new songs and fingerplays.

This week we will be getting to know each other in class.  The children will have opportunities to engage with each other and the adults in the classroom.  We will have a story about a little piglet and what she likes about herself titled: I LIKE ME.

The children will have time to explore the different stations again this week as they get to know the space.  We will be outside for the first ½ hour of the day.  During outside time they can play with blocks and animals, dig with the shovels and tools, play at the vehicle tables, read stories, explore the different musical instruments, dig in the gravel area and play with the sand toys.

Inside they will be able to move from room to room.  At the art table we will be using glue sticks, paper, markers and scissors to make collages.  We will have blue play-dough and will add more tools to the table.  At Table Toys they will have puzzles and matching tiles.

During Circle Time we will recognize birthdays and sing songs that they are familiar with while introducing some new Fall Songs from our song list.  If your child has a favorite song they would like to sing they can always request we sing that song.  Last week I was asked to sing The ABC’s and Baby Beluga.  It is important that they know Circle Time is a time for their favorite songs and stories.