Teacher Janice’s Nesting Supply Depot Activity

Teacher Janice's Nesting Supply Depot - Crown Hill Preschool

Material List

  • Colored duct tape or clear packing tape
  • Scraps of yarn, ribbon, string
  • Feathers
  • Natural materials: ferns, grass or small leaves
  • 2 small twigs
  • Longer piece of yarn

Lay a 12 – 20 inch piece of tape on the table sticky side up.
Fold top 2 inches of the tape over a twig or stick.
Do this again on the bottom 2 inches of the tape.
Tie a piece of long yarn around the ends of the top stick to make a hanger.
Let the child place items to the sticky part of the tape.

Hang your Nesting Supply Depot outside and watch as the birds take items to line their nests with. As you walk in the neighborhood you can see your items in the birds nests in the trees.