Welcome to Crown Hill Cooperative Preschool

welcome to crown hill cooperative preschool

Welcome to Crown Hill Cooperative Preschool! We are a nature explorer certified preschool & part of the North Seattle Cooperative Preschool system. We believe that “experience is the teacher” and work hard to give children a wonderful & exciting early learning experience.

At our preschool a typical day starts with large motor play outside where children climb, slide, balance and jump their way to better physical health, coordination and strength in a fun & inviting outdoor setting. Nutritious snacks are brought by parents and the children eat together family style learning to communicate & take turns with their peers.

After snack time, the children move on to free play (which if the weather is nice may also be outside) where they explore and experiment freely in the classroom. Play areas include a sensory table, art center, play kitchen, imaginative play area with dress up, climbing/sliding/large-motor area, table toys/puzzles and more. The day ends with circle time where the children and parents sing songs, dance and listen to stories as told by Teacher Janice.