Nature vs. Nurture : Gardening (Part 1)


Preschoolers planting veggies and flowers during class.

As we enter the gardening season I am reminded of the most important seeds you can plant: seeds that develop a love of learning for your child.

There is a debate as to whether it is nature or nurture that is most important in the development of a child’s intelligence:

  • How much is a child born with?
  • How much is influenced by their surroundings?

Attributes like athletic ability, musical ability and artistic ability are gifts a child is born with. Can a child who is extremely gifted not perform to their ability? Yes. Can a child who is born with limited abilities achieve in those areas? YES!

Do not put your child in a box and label his/her abilities to do something.  In the same vein, do not expect a child who does not have an interest or the ability to be gifted in that area.

Even though you were an art major your child may not have any interest in the activities at the art table. Sad, but it is not the end of the world. Some day your child may develop a respect for art even though they are not drawn to that area at the moment. It is your responsibility to open the world to your child. It is their responsibility to grasp what you give them.